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Pattern Recognition & Automatic Diagnostic​ software and instrumentation

High criticalligy strategic production such as  Brazil's biggest oil reserve, accounting for nearly 84 per cent of the country’s oil production utilize this technology yielding increases of production and revenus of more than 2% that is worth hundreds of million dollars annually. The project includes a failure-mode effect analysis (FMEA) on downtime and economic risk.


Performance & Condition Monitoring
Machinery Diagnostics: EtaPRO Predictor™

EtaPRO Predictor, along with its patented AutoDiagnosis™technology, Thermodynamic Modeling: EtaPRO VirtualPlant™offers unprecedented early fault detection and advanced diagnosis of problems using Pattern Recognition within gas and steam turbines, generators, pumps, fans, compressors, and other large rotating machinery. Using highly developed machinery dynamics and vibration principles to automatically analyze and diagnose reliability issues, unlike OEM protection systems, EtaPRO Predictor predicts time-to-criticality and provides recommendations for action to avoid unplanned downtime.
The result? A real-time view of the health of your machinery so you can optimize machine availability, performance, and maintenance.

EtaPRO Predictor (originally OPENpredictor) was developed by Rovsing Dynamics, which was acquired by GP Strategies in September 2012. GP Strategies is a leader in power plant performance monitoring, and our EtaPRO performance and condition monitoring system has been installed on nearly 1,000 power generating units in 34 countries.

comprehensive solution for determining real-time equipment health to maximize plant performance in reliability and efficiency


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